Artwork and Proofing

Design templates for all of our CD, DVD and print related products are located here.

All downloads include templates in Adobe Photoshop. Illustrator, and .PDF formats. They will provide you with the notes and guidelines necessary, including document size, bleed requirements, safe area indications, cut and fold lines, for designing your artwork to our exact specifications.

Once you make your selections and name the project, you will be asked to add your artwork in the following step.

The following options will be presented;

  • "Artwork is complete and ready to be uploaded" - You have downloaded our design templates, completed your artwork to our specifications and simply need to upload it.
  • "Use previously uploaded artwork from My Account" - Use completed artwork, that has already been uploaded to your account and has been completed to our specifications.
  • "Design online" - You don't have access to offline design software and would like to assemble a basic layout using your own images, our royalty-free stock images and our online text tool.
  • "No Artwork" - This surface will be blank.

Once a file is uploaded you will have the option to zoom in on the uploaded artwork, clear your artwork, or continue to the next step.

You can save your project at any time and return later to make artwork revisions or to place an order.

File Requirements and Preparation

Accepted File Formats: .PDF, .BMP and .JPG

Color Mode: Files will be accepted in either CMYK or RGB mode. Final printing will be in CMYK, be sure to check for color shifts if submitting RGB files. (Note: Zoom previews may experience some color shifting on screen for CMYK files, the .PDF proofs provided on the approval page will reflect an accurate representation)

Resolution: 300dpi, .PDF - Press Quality settings .JPG - Maximum Quality settings .BMP - Default settings

Fonts: Rasterize, flatten, or outline all fonts before saving your final file for uploading

Templates: Delete all template, guideline and note layers before saving your final file for uploading

*For color matching, PMS colors, and all other special handling requests, contact us prior to placing your order.

CD and DVD Disc Surface

Disc surface color and finish will vary depending on production type chosen. Duplication orders generally employ high resolution ink jet or thermal transfer printing methods while Replication orders will utilize offset or silkscreen printing.

Color on Silver Setup and Notes

Duplication Orders: Color values for silver areas should be RGB: 255, 255, 255 or CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 0. Disc silver / transparent areas should have no color value at all. The duplication printing equipment searches for any color value and will print white if detected. It's recommended that you upload your file as either a press-quality .PDF or .BMP file, .JPG files leave artifacts of color that will end up printing white.

To confirm which parts are disc silver and/or white, click the "Zoom" button to preview your disc surface. Silver portions of your design will be displayed as a grey and white checkerboard pattern

Replication Orders: An illustrator .PDF containing vector artwork is preferred, with the fonts converted to outlines and press-quality settings. If white ink is required you will need to create a new spot color named "white ink", the color values can be of your choosing, everything seen on screen as white will be disc silver.

*The website is unable to detect PMS / spot colors in uploaded files. If your file contains, PMS colors, contact us prior to placing your order.

Contact us if you are unsure how to setup your project.

Black on Silver / Black on White Setup and Notes

Because of equipment limitations and processing guidelines, your artwork should be limited to black text and minimal coverage line art and logos. If your design includes large solid areas of black (e.g. white text with black background or larger blocks of black), you must choose "Full Color" or "Color on Silver" as your disc surface selection to ensure best results.

Contact us if you are unsure how to setup your project.

Design Online (CD and DVD Projects only)

Free Images

If you don't have your own images feel free to browse our library of royalty-free images. Simply choose a category and click on the image you want to use. Do not attempt to use any of these images if you choose "color on silver" for your disc surface.

My Artwork

You can also access previously uploaded artwork that is already in your account. Choose this option and your library of .BMP and .JPG images will be available for selection. You can also add new images to your account by clicking the "Upload Artwork" button and selecting your file.

*.PDF files and images in CMYK color mode are not currently supported by the "Design Online" option.

Adjusting Image Size and Placement

Select the layer you want to adjust by clicking on the mini-image in the layers list on the right. You'll see options available to reposition and scale the layer at the bottom of the page. Click (do not drag) on the design area to reposition and image (you may have to uncheck "Keep layer centered horzontally / vertically"), or enter scaling adjustments and click the "Update" button to see those adjustments. Enlarging an image past 100% of original size, will typically result in lower quality printing. It is best to avoid enlarging images if possible.

Adding and Adjusting Text Layers

Select "Text" on the left side of the page, enter your text in the box indicated, and make selections from the color, size, and font menus. Click "Create Layer" to see the text on the design surface and layer of text appear in the layers list at the top right of the page. To reposition your text, click anywhere on the design surface and the text will reposition. Checking the "Keep layer centered horizontally / vertically" boxes will center the text respectively. Click on "Update" to apply any changes.

Add a new text layer for each line of text with a different font, size, color, or location. This will allow you to modify specific text without affecting other text layers. To edit a text layer, click on the "T" image in the layers list that corresponds to the text you want to edit or move. All paragraphs of text are left justified, for centered or right-justified text, you can create a new text layer for each line of text, alternatively adding leading spaces within a text block to adjust alignment. Use the "Zoom" link to be sure you are satisfied with the placement.

Design templates for all of our CD, DVD and print products are located here.

All downloads include templates in Adobe Photoshop. Illustrator, and .PDF formats. They will provide you with the notes and guidelines necessary, including document size, bleed requirements, safe area indications, cut and fold lines, for designing your artwork to our exact specifications.

You will be provided with high-resolution .PDF proofs online for all CD and DVD projects.

For poster, card and flyer projects you will only have the capability to zoom in on your uploaded artwork to verify placement online.

How to Proof:

  1. Click the PDF Proof link(s) to download and review high-resolution proofs of your artwork.
  2. Ensure your artwork displays the desired image quality and content including, but not limited to: resolution, contrast, position, placement, spelling and readability. By approving your artwork you understand that production may start as soon as you submit your order.
  3. For CD and DVD projects, the outermost blue line indicates the Bleed Area. Make sure your design extends to this line. Failing to provide bleed will result in a finished product with a thin border of white unprinted area on some or all of the edges.
  4. The Safe Area is highlighted by the solid green line. Keep text and other important parts of your design, image, or photo inside this area. Anything falling outside the safe area risks being cut off during trimming.
  5. If uploading completed artwork, delete all template and notes layers prior to upload. We cannot remove them afterwards, they will be printed on your final product.
  6. The printed colors you receive may not exactly match the color you see on your screen due to differences in how color is represented on monitors versus actual print. The printing process is precise, but there are still slight inconsistencies that need to be accommodated for. We cannot guarantee an exact color match.
  7. If you are ordering CDs or DVDs and packaging; The processes and materials used for printing on the disc surface differ than those used when printing inserts and other printed packaging. We cannot guarantee an exact color match between all components of your order.
  8. Ensure that you are in compliance with our Intellectual Property Rights Policy (view policy).

*If you have specific requirements or are concerned about color matching, we suggest you order a physical proof. To do this, contact a sales representative during normal business hours prior to placing your order. Pricing will vary depending on product type. If you are interested in a proof, you must contact a sales representative, do not place a single unit order as a proof as production methods change depending on order details.