Digitizing Pricing

1. Select Media Type

Video, Film or Audio

2. Enter Quantity

# of tapes and reels

3. Choose Digital Format

Desired file output

4. Choose Storage

Plus optional cloud link

1. Select Media Type

If you have a combination of video tapes, film reels and audio tapes, enter each as its own project

  • Convert Pro and Consumer formats to standard or high Definition

  • 8mm and 16mm film reels cleaned and scanned in 2K Resolution

  • Convert audio tapes and reels to .wav or .mp3 files

Video Tapes

8mm & 16mm Film

Audio Tapes

2. Enter Quantity Not sure what format you have? See our guide

How many do you have of each format?

Digitizing Price: $x

setup, digitizing, $x upgrade to high definition, $x tape baking, $x USB drive for storage, $x Dropbox upload

Shipping: $x

3. Select Your Digital Output Format Learn more

One format included; added per tape charge for each additional format

4: Select Your Storage Format (select one) Learn more

  • Optional: Cloud Storage

5: Return Your Tapes?

Estimated production time is 2 to 4 weeks after we receive you materials for projects up to 50 units; larger projects may take longer.

6: Name Your Project

Project Name:

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